New Constituency Boundaries

At the next General Election – expected to be held in 2024 – the constituency of Arundel and South Downs is changing. Whilst the majority of electors remain the same, new communities within the Chichester District Council area such as Midhurst, Easebourne, Fernhurst and East and West Harting become part of a constituency focussed upon the South Downs.

Why is Arundel and South Downs changing?

The Boundary Commission for England — an independent body — is required by law to regularly review the boundaries of all constituencies in England to ensure that they contain a representative number of electors.  As the demographics of different parts of the country change, and populations grow or shrink in relative terms, this can necessitate changes to the boundaries of existing constituencies, and sometimes the creation or abolition of entire constituencies.  You can find more details of the Boundary Commission for England and its processes here.

The most recent process started in January 2021and completed in June 2023. The new boundaries will be those which are used at the next general election.

On 4 March 2023 Andrew Griffith MP was selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for the revised Arundel & South Downs constituency at the next General Election which must be held no later than January 2025.


New communities in the constituency

Arundel & South Downs has always contained a number of wards falling within the Chichester District Council. This pattern continues and, as Chichester itself has grown in population size, more of the rural wards far from the town centre become part of Arundel & South Downs.

These wards are:

  • Fernhurst Ward
    • Fernhurst, Plaistow parishes and part of Rogate parish
    • The villages of Fernhurst, Milland, Lurgashall, Kingsley Green, and Wheatsheaf Common
  • Harting Ward
    • Harting and part of Rogate parish
    • The villages of East Harting, West Harting, Dumpford, Elsted, Rogate, Durleighmarsh
  • Midhurst Ward
    • Midhurst and Steadham parishes
    • Midhurst and the villages of Stedham, Bepton, Cocking, West Lavington
  • Easebourne ward
    • Easebourne and part Steadham parish
    • The villages of Easebourne, Lodsworth, Heyshott, and Lickfold
  • Parts of Goodwood ward
    • Parts of the parishes of Boxgrove and Lavant
    • The villages of Singleton, East Dean, Eartham, Boxgrove, Upwaltham, and Halnaker
  • Parts of Loxwood Ward (half of Loxwood is already in Arundel and South Downs)
    • Plaistow and Wisborough Green parishes
    • The villages of Plaistow, Ifold, Loxwood, Northchapel, Roundstreet Common, Shillinglee, and Fisherstreet

Please note that if you live in these communities, The Rt Hon Gillian Keegan MP remains your Member of Parliament until the next election. You can contact Gillian here.

Please see below a map of these new areas.

Map showing wards within the new Arundel and South Downs constituency shaded in green with a red outline for the overall borders of the constituency.

 Which current areas will change?

The majority of the parliamentary constituency will remain unchanged.  However, some areas will cease to be part of Arundel and South Downs and will join the constituencies of either Horsham, Worthing West, or Mid Sussex.

  • Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead will go to the Horsham Parliamentary Constituency currently represented by The Rt Hon Jeremy Quin MP
  • Angmering & FIndon and East Preston wards will go to Worthing West currently represented by Sir Peter Bottomley MP
  • Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint & Downs will go to Mid Sussex currently represented by Mims Davies MP

To be clear, if you live in these areas, I remain your MP until the next election and will continue to represent and support you.  The changes only come into effect at the next election.

Map of Arundel and South Downs 2019 Borders vs Final Boundary Changes, showing which areas are staying in Arundel and South Downs and which are going to different constituencies.